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JARVIS General Assembly in COLLINS


May 2024, Cork, Ireland – JARVIS’s second General Assembly, hosted at COLLINS facilities, brought together 16 dynamic organizations for two action-packed days. The focus? Advancing Human-Robot collaboration.

So far, our partners have made significant strides in identifying key exploitation assets and their technical developers for project’s success and value creation. A major focus of our discussions was the strategy for disseminating project results. Effective communication with stakeholders is crucial for maximizing JARVIS’s impact. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our findings reach the right audiences through targeted dissemination efforts.

JARVIS will be present at several major conferences and trade fairs, providing platforms to engage with industry leaders, share insights, and explore potential partnerships for networking and collaboration. We are also prioritizing the publication of our findings in scientific and industrial journals to establish JARVIS as a thought leader in the field and promote our innovative work to a broader audience.

Looking ahead, we are preparing for the launch of the first round of open calls. These calls will invite external innovators to join our mission, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to the JARVIS project.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive forward with our mission to innovate and transform industry practices.