JARVIS is embarking on a strategic initiative to foster innovation and collaboration in the field of technology and automation, dedicating a substantial part of its budget (2.5 million euros, 25% of the total JARVIS budget), towards Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP). This initiative aims to involve SMEs in testing and validating JARVIS’ innovative solutions through pilots, encouraging the acceleration of their adoption and commercialization.

A total of 21 applications will be funded across two main types of Open Call: External Pilot and Co-development. These calls aim to engage a wide array of participants from SMEs, researchers, developers, and other multidisciplinary actors.

  • Objective: To invite large industry players or public sector entities within Europe to propose new pilots, use-cases, or challenges for deploying the JARVIS framework, alongside developed tools and solutions from both the consortium and FSTP applicants.
  • Funding Details: Up to €130,000 per project as a lump sum, aiming to fund 13 projects with a total budget of €1.69 million.
  • Objective: To recruit participants for the further development and enhancement of JARVIS pilots by proposing innovative solutions for testing and validation. These solutions may address specific challenges set forth by the consortium.
  • Funding Details: Up to €100,000 per project as a lump sum, with 8 projects to be funded and a total budget of €800,000.
  • External Pilots Open Call #1: Aims to fund 8 successful applications, with the call for proposals expected to open between March and April 2025.
  • External Pilots Open Call #2: Will fund an additional 5 applications, scheduled to launch in 2026.
  • Co-development Open Call: Also set to launch in 2026, this call aims to fund 8 successful applications.

Successful applicants of each open call will benefit from an extensive assistance programme, including:

  • Capacity building on JARVIS technologies, tools, systems, solutions, and the latest trends in agile production and inspection maintenance technologies.
  • Access to pilots, technology, and business experts.
  • Access to infrastructure and toolkits to facilitate understanding and integration of JARVIS technologies.