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Teaching Factory Competence Center– TFCC

Teaching Factory Competence Center (TF-CC) is oriented on providing training and innovation services to the manufacturing industry. TF-CC focuses on enabling the knowledge exchange between academia and industry and on creating added value for the services and products of manufacturing companies, by promoting innovative technology and research activities performed by academia. For this scope, TF-CC provides a set of Training Services and Innovative Technical Services to their customers aiming to interdisciplinary learning, research & experimentation and to exploit of research results towards industrial applicability in pilots.

Role in Jarvis ProjectTeaching Factory Competence Center is actively engaged in multiple Work Packages within the JARVIS project. Notably, TF – CC leads Task 2.4, focusing on the design of test beds for testing and integration. Additionally, TF-CC spearheads Task 5.3, which aims to conduct risk assessments, with a particular emphasis on risks associated with AI-driven interactions and Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). Moreover, Teaching Factory leads Task 8.6 aligning with its mission of knowledge transfer to industry by developing training and educational material inclusive for all skills levels.