On March 19th, our partners from  Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, Netcompany-Intrasoft CEA Collins Aerospace and SINTEF convened at Karsto, the industrial test facility K-lab owned by our partner Equinor , located in Norway. This gathering provided an opportunity for an immersive workshop aimed at exploring relevant robotics tasks and future robotic applications at Equinor.

During this engaging workshop, we had the privilege of visiting Equinor’s use-case facilities, where we gained valuable insights into the specific robotics tasks essential for Equinor’s operations. We also had the opportunity to discuss the future needs and potential applications of robotics.

One of the highlights of the visit was our exploration of the safety measures implemented at K-lab, ensuring the well-being of process operators. Additionally, we had the chance to tour control rooms for the gas loops, gaining firsthand experience of the operational environment. The tour at K-lab was enlightening, as it focused on relevant tasks for robots, particularly intervention and manipulation tasks. Furthermore, our visit to Equinor included a fascinating demonstration of robotics in action, showcasing autonomous missions within a 3D model environment.

JARVIS made a significant mark at the European Robotics Forum 2024, held in the city of Rimini, Italy, on March 13, 2024. Represented by the project coordinator Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, we actively participated in the TRINITY Innovation Network workshop titled “Steps Forward.” This workshop organized by our partner, Tampere University, focused on the future landscape of agile manufacturing.

Bringing together five distinguished EU projects, the TRINITY Innovation Network workshop showcased technological applications vital to the evolution of human-robot collaboration:

  • DIGITOP – Digital transformation of robot-supported factories of the future
  • EARASHI – Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe Human-oriented Industry
  • JARVIS – Intersubjective AI-driven multimodal interaction for advanced user-centric human robot collaborative applications
  • ODIN – Open-Digital-Industrial and Networking pilot lines using modular components for scalable production
  • MOTE  – Continuing the TRINTY mission trough Digital Accelerator of Latvia (DAoL) and MOTE

During the event, LMS not only showcased our mission to bolster EU industry competitiveness through human-robot collaboration but also engaged in fruitful discussions with these pioneering projects. Together, we explored strategies to enhance agility in manufacturing and empower European manufacturing SMEs.